Thesis Boost Writing Retreat | GPLL249


Do you wish the process of writing your thesis or next research paper was going a little faster? Do you sometimes feel unfocused, frustrated or alone in the writing process?  You probably need a boost... to be more precise, a thesis boost.

Concordia’s 3-day Thesis Boost Writing Retreat is back at Loyola Campus in May 2024.  This much-appreciated retreat is tailored for graduate students who are in the middle to later stages of preparing their thesis or writing an academic article. Bringing together advisors from the Library, Student Success Centre, Campus Wellness, and GradProSkills, this retreat provides a supportive and motivating environment where you will accelerate your writing process.

Throughout the retreat, you'll benefit from dedicated writing time and optional workshops focused on improving your writing strategies, productivity and wellness. Concordia University’s librarians and writing assistants will be available to provide personalized guidance and strategies tailored to your specific situation. Plus, you’ll connect with peers who are experiencing similar challenges.

Join us to break free from isolation, connect with fellow graduate students, and develop productive writing habits. Take a significant step towards completing your thesis!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants should have begun writing their thesis or paper before participating in this event.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, students will:
  • Identify common challenges faced during thesis or paper writing process and potential solutions to these challenges.
  • Analyze their own writing habits and detect areas for improvement in productivity and efficiency.
  • Assess their own writing progress and discover strategies for overcoming setbacks.

Leaders Information

This retreat is led by trainers and advisors from GradProSkills, Concordia Library, Student Success Centre and Campus Wellness

Additional Information

For further workshop information, contact GradProSkills Events at

Participant Feedback

Both my concentration on and enthusiasm for my research were renewed after participating in the GradProSkills Thesis Boost. Dedicating three days purely to writing in a focused environment and surrounded by like-minded students was just what I needed to make a dent in my last thesis chapter. 
- Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo, History MA student 

If you want to get some work done for your dissertation register for Thesis Boost. In the 6-weeks after participating in Thesis Boost, I was able to get work done on two chapters of my dissertation. Take the chance to enjoy this experience, get some really good tips on how to organize your writing process, and share your experiences with others. 
- Lara Khattab, PhD Student in Political Science 


Event details

Workshop location

Sir George Williams

Start date

Monday, November 27, 2023

End date

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Workshop days

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


From 09:00 to 17:00


Javier Ibarra-Isassi


Sophia Magliocca

Bowen Xu


39 / 60

Additional details

Monday - Wednesday, 27-29 November, 9 AM - 5 PM. Attendance is mandatory for all 3 days

Registration deadline

Wednesday, November 22, 2023