GPSC415 - Professional Emails


Writing emails is an essential part of everyday communication, and depending on your role, you may receive dozens, or even hundreds, of emails every day. If you want to be understood, it is critical that you learn and practice effective emailing in school, on the job, and in almost every aspect of your life.

In the digital world, we are living in, time is an asset. Acquiring good email writing skills can help ensure your message reaches your audience and that your audience is able to take action. Acquiring good email management skills will also help demonstrate your professionalism and make better use of your time.

This workshop will present best practices in email writing and organization, within the Canadian work culture. Students will have the opportunity to discuss these best practices and participate in several email writing and critiquing activities.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Define some best practices in writing an effective email
2. Identify common components of an email and the appropriate context in which to use them
3. Compare good to poor email examples to draw a better understanding of email composition
4. Discuss time management issues related to emails and how to overcome them

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Christiane Meyer.

Christiane is a researcher, pharmacist, and runner. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in the Individualized Program at Concordia University. In her Ph.D. project, Christiane follows the question of how chronic circadian desynchronization makes the female organism more susceptible to mood disorders.

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