GPLL35 - Getting published: Peer review


Getting published is one of your goals as a scholar but understanding the process of getting published in not intuitive. How do you pick a journal? How do you collaborate with co-authors? When are you ready to submit? After submission, how do you respond to feedback?

This workshop provides insight into the world of professional, peer-reviewed publications. We start by exploring the considerations you should take when choosing a journal and submitting your paper. We then discuss the peer-review process and responding to feedback in a professional manner. You will have the opportunity to critique real-life examples of journals, reviewer feedback and author responses.


Learning Objectives

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:
  1. Select an appropriate journal for their work
  2. Describe the process of submitting a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal
  3. Identify the stages of peer review
  4. Respond effectively to peer reviews

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Javier Ibarra-Isassi.

Javier is a PhD candidate in Biology and his research is focused on answering the questions where organisms are in the world and why they are there. He has a soft spot for ants, so he chose these little creatures as the model system of his research. Before coming to Montreal, he completed his BSc in El Salvador and his MSc in Brazil. Javier has experience in publishing and peer-reviewing academic articles and presenting his research at international conferences. When not doing research, Javier is teaching, reading, or honing his cooking skills.

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