GPCB623 - Options 4 Success Blended


This course is aimed at early to mid stage PhD and research-based MA students who are interested in exploring career options beyond the academic job market. Over the course of seven (7) weeks, students will consider what industries and careers are right for them, defining their professional strengths and preferences, and develop skills to successfully network with industry members.

Each class will include two (2) hours of in-class instruction as well as approximately one (1) hour of independent work. Interested students will need to have a resume and LinkedIn profile for the start of the class.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will:

  1. Create a community of colleagues by exploring career pathways together.
  2. Apply and practice active listening skills with colleagues.
  3. Evaluate their experiences and translate them into employable transferrable skills.
  4. Analyse their transferrable skills and classify them according to industries of interest.
  5. Recognize and test their professional networking and informational interviewing skills with their colleagues.

Leaders Information

Alia Nurmohamed is a PhD student in Social and Cultural Analysis at Concordia University. Alia’s research focuses on how conflicting and intersecting responsibilities can lead to feelings of grief in motherhood. Prior to joining the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Alia worked for 10 years in real estate private equity and consulting. She holds a B.Com in Finance from McGill University, an MBA from the University of Warwick, and BA in Sociology from Concordia University.

Additional Information

Prior to this workshop, please activate your Versatile PhD Account to access the online modules of Options for Success.