GPLD147 - Grad Leadership Dev. Program


What does it mean to be a leader? This seminar introduces you to the process of leadership and the vast array of skills needed to be a leader in a variety of contexts. We will cover the fundamental skills that will shape your leadership style, including emotional intelligence, team dynamics, negotiating, solving problems, motivating others, giving feedback and intercultural communication. You will also evaluate your leadership potential by taking the CliftonStrengths assessment, which helps you reflect on how your talents can build your leadership reflexes.

The workshop series covers different modules that span over seven weeks where you must commit approximately 3.5 hours per week. Activities include working through case studies, role-plays, group discussions, and self-reflection. Upon completion of this series, you will receive a certificate, have your personal CliftonStrengths Top 5 report, and a personal plan for your leadership development.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Explain common leadership terms and theories
  • Articulate your strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Apply leadership skills across different contexts, including the workplace and grad school
  • Recognize the diversity of perspectives on what defines leadership
  • Plan your further leadership development

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Azfar Adib, Christiane Meyer and Benoît Eclache.

Azfar is a PhD student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, followed by his current perusal of doctoral studies in biomedical arena. Having professional experience of over 8 years in different functional- managerial roles along with a wide range of volunteering activities; Azfar is passionate about empowering people towards excellence, which he regularly promotes through public speaking-writing and other endeavors.

Christiane is a researcher, pharmacist, and runner. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in the Individualized Program at Concordia University. In her Ph.D. project, Christiane follows the question of how chronic circadian desynchronization makes the female organism more susceptible to mood disorders.

Benoît Eclache is completing a Master of Arts (MA) in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University. He is a leadership coach, a facilitator and an IT consultant who believes that meaningful connections generate greater empathy and more effective collaboration. He is passionate about helping individuals and groups work smarter not harder. A forerunner in the Reinventing Work movement, Benoît is an active advocate for more human-centered, purposeful workplaces. Benoît has a business administration degree from HEC Montréal.

Additional Information

Your commitment and participation during class (14 hours) and outside of class (approximately 10 hours) are mandatory. You will be enrolled in a Moodle course where you will have access to the seminar’s resources and activities. Failure to meet the attendance requirement and complete the activities assigned outside of class will result in a grade of Did Not Attend (DNA).

Participant Feedback

Leadership skills are essential qualities in today's job environment, both to assume the role of a team leader as well as to empathetically understand one's role as a member of a team. The week we covered the topic of motivation is amazing. Like the other weeks it has very engaging activities and the topic is very important to me. 

- MASc student, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science 

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